Communication Automation Solutions?

Our services can be described in a number of ways: Global communication logistics solutions, Workflow automation solutions, Business automation solutions, Communication automation solutions. But in the end, what we do best is bring talent and technology together to improve efficiency and quality, reduce cycle-time, and help you better achieve your business goals.

Communication Logistics Platform

Communication Logistics Platform

With fully integrated software we can trigger automated events of any complexity, such as e-mail alerts, SMS/text messages, voice broadcast, and inbound/outbound live voice telephony which can handle all language and script types, including “2-bit” Unicode such as Japanese. Use our dashboards and data portals to monitor real-time information such as full user tracking and progress monitoring.

Case Management Solutions

Case Management Solutions

Our experienced nurse care management team using our fully configurable case management platform are able to efficiently manage One-to-One and Few-to-One nurse relationships which ensure the best patient experience possible. Appointment scheduling and automated reminders are available in multiple formats using our fully configurable case management platform. Clinics/specialists can be provided with their own portals for patient entry, activation/deactivation, and even alert and notification management.

Product Support, Customer Service

Product Support, Customer Service, & Inside Sales

We have a broad talent base including experienced customer service, product support, and inside sales backgrounds, with most agents with these skills also having medical experience (PhDs, nurses, MD/DOs, pharma techs, social workers, etc.). Reach anywhere across the globe with our best-in-industry multi-lingual agents. Along with our proprietary data portal and CRM solutions, we are also able to integrate with both major and minor 3rd party solutions in various industries such as and pharmacy systems such as CPR+. For live phone or web purchases we have compliant credit card handling technology.

Collaboration Environment

Collaboration Environment Solutions

Our software has been designed to ease communication in multiple configurations such as clinic to clinic, clinic to product and service providers, patients to clinics, and even to allow scheduling with transportation services on behalf of patients. Be it document management (think SharePoint), add-ons for wiki and knowledge base, project and task management, or group calendar functionality, we can provide a complete solution using our integrated in-house software with any 3rd party integration that is necessary, all with configurable user types.


Workflow Automation & Business Process Automation

Automating processes and workflows around the call center (or other communication modality) service is a powerful way to ensure high quality, efficient, and high value project deployment. Custom development can drive powerful, elegant solutions, while the ability for our individual software platforms to integrate both which each other and with 3rd party solutions allows for infinite flexibility. Information collection/validation, document fulfillment, multi-person sign-offs, and global coordination are all available to you at a maximum of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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